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Certificate Of Completion – Ruby On Rails For Web Development

By Cristian Cisneros | January 8, 2015 | 0 Comment

Certificate Of Completion - Ruby On Rails For Web Development - Udemy

I have successfully completed John Elder’s Ruby On Rails For Web Development Udemy course!

About this course

When I first started dabbling in Ruby On Rails, it all seemed overwhelming at first. I couldn’t believe how incredibly difficult it was to set up a development environment. Every tutorial online was outdated and it seemed like only people who owned Macs were the only ones who can set up their environments. So I was curious to see if the instructor was going to suggest a Mac and I was delighted he chose to teach the course using, a cloud IDE service.

The course contained 21 lectures and the web application we designed was a Pinterest clone.

Link: Pinterested

Here are the list of topics we went over:

  • Cloud Development Environment
  • Version Control with Git
  • Seting up BitBucket
  • Host the App With Heroku
  • Add Bootstrap, Navbar, Partials, Jumbotron, and Buttons
  • Styling Bootstrap
  • Devise for authentication and adding Users
  • Styling Devise Views, and changeing the links based on if the user is Logged In or Out
  • Scaffolding
  • Modifying web pages and Views
  • Rails Associations
  • Installing ImageMagick and Paperclip
  • Storing Images on Amazon S3
  • Adding JQuery Masonry Transitions
Cristian Cisneros

Cristian Cisneros

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